Madeline Zech Ruiz, Author/Speaker

Author Madeline Zech Ruiz resides McAllen, Texas with her husband Dr. Henry Ruiz, a well-known and respected urological surgeon. Madeline became known as ‘the Dick Doctor’s Wife’ around town.

Over the years, Madeline has found herself approached by townsfolk for discreet urological advice, even while on her personal errands. Finally the Dick Doctor’s Wife realized the need for a layperson’s book on the top 10 urological issues.

Madeline decided to write her book I Married a Urologist to help inform the general public on the prevention, diagnostics and cures for common urological problems. In this entertaining, personal and fact-filled book, author Madeline Zech Ruiz advises us to “Embrace your plumbing!”

If you own a vagina or a penis, you need to read this book! The Dick Doctor’s Wife makes it safe, acceptable and even fun to talk about all things urological.

I Married a Urologist is humorous and gentle enough for both men and women to enjoy!

– Kirkus Reviews

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